9 Reasons to Recommend IST to a Friend

Our new brochure outlines 9 ways learning at IST differentiates from other schools, why learning at this school is the preferred choice by Expatriate families

9 descriptions and examples of what makes IST unique

Links to blog posts and webpages exploring the reasons even further

BONUS reason to recommend IST to a friend

Free Brochure: 9 Reasons to Recommend IST to a Friend

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A BONUS section with quotes from faculty, parents, the Director of IST and community members answering the question, Would You Recommend IST to a Friend?”

IST offers a community for both children and parents. I believe that comes through in the attitudes of the staff, both local and foreign. At IST, everyone is allowed to be an individual and to grow in a way that best fits their needs.” 

 - Kirk Leichner, a teacher at IST. 

9 Reasons to Recommend IST to a Friend